ad chroma has established a constitution summarized in the following eight-point mission statement:

  • creating ambitious platforms – in terms of the quality of the program and number of members – for the assembly and networking of persons interested in colour – professional specialits and users, as well as the wider public;
  • professional training center and teaching programs: increasing awareness about colour through setting up a professional training center and teaching programs for professionals and users;
  • research center and study programs: developing specific programs of study upon request of one or several members, furthering research about the daily use of ‘colour’ within the framework of a research center;
  • colour information platform: creating and managing a centralized source of information about colour through setting up and maintaining a documentation center with a collective digitalized databank, as well as a physical center for collecting and presenting materials;
  • colour ‘observatory’: setting up tools and a system for observing and monitoring colour trends, collecting and distributing information about sales and the market, evaluating qualitative states of colour, forecasting prospective trends, and identifying and collecting information which that can serve as a ‘marketing’ tool;
  • exchange platform: collecting, interpreting, and disseminating information and keeping it accessible and alive through professional exchange;
  • communicating: publishing, participating in conventions, preparing and distributing reports, organizing special events in different contexts;
  • promoting colour-related occupations: defining and communicating goals, exploring needs, creating a directory, and providing contacts through pragmatic actions.

ad chroma