SG ECD history

On the occasion of the Fourth AIC Congress in Berlin in 1981, Antal Nemcsics (Hungary) proposed the creation of a study group for colour dynamics that was finally consolidated at the AIC Interim Meeting in Budapest in the following year, as the “Study Group on Environmental Colour Design.” Anders Hård (Sweden) served as the Chair with Lars Sivik (Sweden) serving as its Secretary. In 1989, Leonhard Oberascher (Austria) succeeded as Chair. In the period between 1998 and 2005, José Luis Caivano (Argentina) was Chair and Leonhard Oberascher Co-Chair. In 2006, José Luis Caivano became AIC president (2006-2009) and a successor was elected from among three candidates in June 2005 after the Tenth AIC Congress in Granada. The members of the AIC Study Group on Environmental Colour Design and the subscribers of the colour mailing list were invited to vote by e-mail. Verena M. Schindler was elected as the new chair and her election was approved by the AIC Executive Committee. Since 2006, Verena M. Schindler has been chairing the AIC Study Group on Environmental Colour Design with Leonhard Oberascher serving as Co-Chair during the period 2006–2011, and linguist and sociologist Prof. Dr. Yulia A. Griber (Russia) serving as Co-Chair since 2017.

Articles on the SG ECD History

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José Luis Caivano. 2005. ‘The Research on Environmental Colour Design: Brief History, Current Developments and Possible Future.’ In Proceedings of AIC Color 05, Tenth Congress of the AIC, Granada, Spain, 8–13 May 2005, Vol. 1, pp. 705–714.
Available online: