Museum Galliera Fashion Museum of the City of Paris. Photo: Michel Cler


Welcome! Membership in ad chroma is open to any person who shares an interest in colour. 

Level A – Individual EUR 50.00 (per year)
Level E – Student EUR 15.00 (per year/Please provide proof of current fulltime status)

You will benefit from

  • an international network of professionals concerned with the use of colour
  • an open-minded exchange with professionals addressing colour across domains
  • news and information related to the theme of “light, material and colour”

You wish to

  • confirm your know-how
  • increase your knowledge of the material ‘colour’ and its diverse aspects
  • affirm the professional conception of colour ranges
  • stimulate your personal approach in constructing chromatic proposals
  • provide a client with chromatic studies considering urban and architectural spaces and the environment

becoming a specialist in proposals dealing with “light, texture and colour” which are even more elaborated, adapted and diversified, in the fields of urban and architectural design, environmental design, lighting, textile design, packaging, graphic design, communication and the food industry… as well as enhancing the qualitative value to satisfy the client’s tacit wishes and goals;

becoming a professional furthering future developments which include the perceived experience of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell in the fields of communication and information, and in the way using colour which can be understood under a variety of conditions, in long-term processes and in historical, social and cultural contexts.

You wish to

  • transmit information concerning “light, material and colour”
  • increase awareness about colour
  • further research and practical issues
  • support ad chroma and its goal to provide an extended space for developing, vertically and transversely, new relationships in a spirit of cooperation.

We invite you to contact us!